AI Powered Suite:
Real Artificial Intelligence

Enhance the viewers experience with an OTT Powered with AI

Why does an OTT AI Powered make the difference?

Viewers are overwhelmed with the endless amount of offerings that often serve up less relevant, uninteresting and impersonal content. Current recommendation systems are not up to the expectation of the user and ads tend to be less relevant or not personalized.

With the Power of Artificial Itelligence, video can be analyzed scene by scene, and the audio of different languages, subtitle, and closed captions can be interpreted with useful insights for enhanced viewer experience. Feel the difference with the AI Powered OTT.

metadata is gold

If content is the king, metadata is gold

The great difference with traditional OTTs lies in the application of our solid knowledge in Artificial Intelligence to the analysis of video data and user behaviour.

We have developed 6 Artificial Intelligence modules for Galgo, that will give your OTT the power it needs to make it unique.

Our Services

Event Detection
· Detect highlight events automatically in your videos.
· Extract the most important moments to create short clips from long videos.
· The system can be re-trained to adapt to each customer's video typology.

Automatic Tagging
· Enrich videos with extra metadata, such as categories or keywords.
· Add info about topics, places or objects automatically.
· Boost advanced search, content discovery, content recommendation or custom ads.
Content Recommendation
· Improve your content recommendation quality with the power of AI.
· Keep your audience engaged to your platform delivering relevant content for each user.
· Offer dynamic recommendations thanks to our daily updated user clustering system.
Automatic Subtitling
· Use the power of Machine Learning to transcribe video audio into subtitles.
· Translate automatically the subtitles to a wide range of languages.
· Use our cutting-edge solution for live events subtitling.
Intelligent Ads
· Select automatically the most appropriate ad for each video.
· Serve ads based on visual information from the video.
· Increase your ad monetization delivering relevant ads to your audience.
Reputation analysis
· Discover your audience's mood and reactions to your content.
· Automatic analysis of thousands of social media posts.
· Get instant feedback from multiple sources.
Our vision
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02. Search Engine Marketing
03. Website Strategy and Social Media Marketing
04. Content Generation and Optimization