What is T·DAY?

T•DAY is a SaaS solution that lets you build your own Netflix-like video distribution platform in a few minutes.

A fully integrated system composed by all necessary modules

Video CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) to manage all the information in the platform: video streams, metadata, content categorization, live event schedules, advertisement and monetization models (SVOD, TVOD) or usage analytics

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Geographically distributed layer between the Backend and the end-users that enables efficient data caching and video streaming

Backend Infrastructure

All the server-side features, used to distribute the content, implement a security layer and support high user concurrencies

Back Office

A web-based application that allows the editorial teams to interact with the CMS, by using a more user-friendly and intuitive interface

Front Apps

Apps used by the end-user for video streaming consumption: Android, iOS, Web, Samsung SmartTV, LG SmartTV, AndroidTV, Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast

A flexible and
robust architecture

T·DAY is built over an elastic OTT architecture that perfectly fits your needs. It is designed to scale with your users demand. Endorsed by more than 8M users, T·DAY guarantees you the maximum robustness.
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The intelligent Plug&Go OTT platform creation suite

T·DAY stands as the first European modular OTT platform creation suite, able to compete at the front line of competitors from the USA and Asia.

Our solution is composed by three main pillars

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Advanced AI-Powered features

Our disruptive AI-powered modules include content recommendation, smart monetization, intelligent analytics, automatic real-time video subtitling,  intelligent video clipping and automatic content tagging.


Unique Plug&Go model

We have coined the term Plug&Go to define our modular, SaaS natured technology, exclusively designed to fight the main issue of building custom OTT platforms from scratch: the high economic costs.

Plug&Go means that from all the functionalities we provide (live streaming support, user management, advertising systems, monetization models, analytics, multi-platforms apps, AI-powered modules, and more) each client can choose just the ones they need. 

Pay just for the modules you need, building your own OTT quickly and automatically.


High-end performance

We have taken advantage of our wide experience developing OTT platforms to build a robust solution that can manage a high number of concurrent users, while guaranteeing top tier SLA, even under high stress situations.

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