The time has come

Create your own Netflix with your content

Against the backdrop of the Coronavirus pandemic, increased media consumption is helping to fill the time.

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Changing behaviour redefines each sector

After the coronavirus outbreak, life habits have completely changed and new forms of leisure at home have emerged. The Internet brings us the option to stream video content and perform online some activities that we were previously used to do outdoors. Consumers are spending more time online to virtually connect with others and stream entertainment.

In this context, as the trends in terms of users subscriptions and video usage continue increasing, it is a perfect moment for content producers to address their audience. 

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We do not only limit to the sectors below, but provide specialized features for our main vertents.


Leagues, Championships, Opens, Olympic Games​
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Education & Training

Schools, Universities, Professional Degrees
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Culture & Entertainment

Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Storytelling
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Press, Television & Radio
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T•DAY is being used by sports organisations, like official leagues or competitions, as well as big sports events or even by team clubs. You can now launch your branded sports videos on demand or live events in streaming, going live instantly just in one click!

As an event organizer, you can stream your events and monetize the content regardless of the geographic boundaries, just deciding which content you want to show to each audience segment.


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Education and Training

T•DAY offers professional trainers, educators and coaches the possibility to launch their own eLearning or Training platform based on video content. Education has no limits, you will be able to teach any topic to a student located in the other part of the globe!


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Culture & Entertainment

T•DAY helps multiple cultural groups to reach their audience online, without relying on other external platforms. This includes music, dance, theater, museums and others, reaching out to an amplitude of audience and offering various monetization options.

For example, music events and festivals can now be streamed across the entire world at the click of a button by using T•DAY. 


Media: Radio and Television

T•DAY Broadcasters, TV Networks, TV Channels and Multi-Service Operators (MSOs) are racing up today to get ahead in VOD Space and release their own video streaming platform to gain a big number of viewers. Traditionally setting up a Multi-Screen Video Platform came with a huge cost and a go-to-market timeframe of 12-18 months!

Both these factors combined would mean that your competition in the meantime would ramp up its numbers and your viewers will get habitual to another platform, thus making you lose on potential audience. With T·day’s cloud based offering, it’s very easy and quick to launch your own branded Multi-Screen Internet TV Service similar to HBO Go, instantly! Just upload your template, add your videos, set your revenue model and go live. Its that simple and easy for anyone to launch.


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